The extra mile – how printers who make an error can keep customers happy

I remember the first print job that I placed when started my company.
  The first client is always an important client.  I was desperate to please them, so imagine my dismay when I received a phone call asking where the job was.

Printers: are you killing your customer relationships with Christmas cards?

Some things are just wrong.  And “This is wrong”
kept going through my head last Christmas when I was receiving Christmas cards from print companies.
 Last year I received a particularly bad set of Christmas cards from printers

Why treating your print customers well is a recipe for disaster

Print companies who treat their customers well are unlikely to succeed in today’s marketplace.
Does that sound odd? Surely good customer service is an essential to successful business.

How to use case studies to create compelling print sales pitches

Do you like watching detective shows?  Or reading crime novels?  It is fascinating how the detective puts together clue after clue.  And at the end they have the proof that catches the criminal.

Why the most successful print companies tell their customers what to do – and why this makes them more profitable

Do you ever put together flat pack furniture?  I don’t know about you, but when I first look at all the bits I tend to find it rather scary.  There always seem to be all sorts of odd pieces and I’m not sure where to put them.

Why I paid 12.5% more than the lowest quote for a recent print job (and was happy to spend the extra)

By Matthew Parker

Many print companies tell me that print buyers only choose on price.  And that print buyers are only interested in the lowest quote.  Everything is about price.  And printers must focus on providing the lowest prices.

How print companies CAN get higher prices

Matthew Parker of Profitable Print offers advice on winning business without having the best price.

How a customer can be your best print sales person

increase your print sales,
Matthew Parker of Profitable Print
shares his thoughts on how to generate income streams from existing customers through referrals and testimonials.

Landa, a lifeline for offset press manufacturers?

If Benny Landa’s  nanographic presses deliver on their promises
when they find their way onto production floors at the end of 2013,

Innovative launches make Drupa an exciting prospect

With announcements of groundbreaking product launches arriving on an almost daily basis,
Drupa 2012,Düsseldorf, Germany in May, is shaping up to be yet another game changing industry showcase.

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