Tradeshows in transition

The recent decision by organisers FHG to postpone ‘Print Ireland’ and ‘Sign & Digital Ireland’ to autumn 2012, whilst disappointing, is to be applauded as a pragmatic move.

Prompt payment law......How would it work?

The results of the recent poll on this website shows a desire amongst  printing industry people for prompt payment legislation to be introduced.
However implementing such a law could be fraught with difficulties.

Bank Bull**t !!

The following was submitted by a frustrated supplier of printing equipment in Ireland.
During a conversation with a very respected printer client of ours about the possibility of investing in some new equipment

Its good to talk !

If we didn’t already know, then our experiences over the past few years, revealing how government and banks have conducted themselves, confirms that  whether you are running a country, a business or a household,

Proud Japan will rise again

  The land of the rising sun

Even a cursory glance around any Irish print operation will testify to the influence that Japanese manufacturers have had on the development of the printing industry

New regime must encourage print investment

The new coalition government is now in place, and under the watchful eye of the ECB and IMF they must begin the task of rebuilding the shattered economy,

Tweak, threat or opportunity?

Tweak is here..... and barring an unlikely misread of the market by founder Jerry Kennelly, Tweak is  here to stay.
So, as a print provider or graphic designer,

The terrrors of colour management

Colour management is all about managing expectations and the way you describe what you are selling.
Before the advent of inkjet printers and colour laser printers there were Cromalin or MatchPrint proofs

Newspaper closures pose more questions

Newspaper closures pose more questions than answers

The closure of Killarney newspaper ‘The Kingdom’ by its parent company, Thomas Crosbie Holdings,

Welcome to Irelands premier online resource for the printing and communications industry

This spot will be graced in the future by leading lights from the printing industry spreading their wisdom, but for this inaugural post it is our pleasure to welcome you to

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