European launch for 'Tabbler' self mailer aid

U. S. manufacturer Dynafold Inc. have recently launched a unique self mailer device on to the European market.
Tabbler is the only desktop machine which places a strip of tapeon the open edge of folded self mailers, filling the gap between using expensive automated tabbing machines & manually affixing tabs. 

Tabbler is designed to fit on an office desktop, it is about the size of an electric stapler, and it operates like a hand-fed electric stapler, applying a piece of tape on the open edge of a folded self-mailer. No set-up or training is required to use Tabbler effectively.
Tabbler’s unique design allows for automated tape loading with Tabbler Tape. Tabbler Tape replaces wafer seals with a specialty tape, allowing the self-mailer to be opened without tearing the paper.
Also, Tabbler uses tape instead of wafer seals that require a paper backing, saving money and reducing waste
Tabbler is the ideal solution for small volume businesses and non-profits that hand- tab mailers and brochures.
 Expensive automated tabbers exist to seal high volume runs, however, most runs of less than 500 self-mailers are tabbed manually, which is a slow and costly process.
Tabbler is the first affordable and easy to use semi-automated solution for tabbing small to medium volume self-mailers.