GBC launches Magnapunch 2.0 – the next generation in paper punching.

GBC, the market leader in document finishing, and represented in Ireland by  Neopost, have launched the Magnapunch 2.0.

This tabletop paper punch is designed to increase productivity and profitability and take paper punching to the next level with evolutionary technology.

 The heart of the Magnapunch 2.0 is the proprietary edge detection technology that virtually eliminates mis-punches. Add to that the  advancements in ‘smart’ technology, enabling faster set-up and change-over times for custom and uncommon size applications, makes the Magnapunch 2.0 the first desktop punch to move from the world of electro-mechanical devices into the digital age, bringing increased productivity to all print finishing operations.
The Magnapunch 2.0 smart technology was developed to increase users punching productivity. GBC’s proprietary research showed the primary frustrations of punch operations in print finishing facilities to be long set-up times and the dreaded mis-punches. Both of these issues combine to result in decreases in productivity and profits.
Mis-punches are usually not detected until the documents are in assembly where mis-punched pages have to be re-worked, creating waste, operator inefficiency and reductions in throughput.
 GBC’s technological advancements in edge detection allow the machine to recognize when paper is not loaded properly and automatically communicate an error message to the operator, virtually eliminating all mis-punching mistakes. Once corrected, the machine re-sets in seconds and production continues. The Magnapunch 2.0 is the only desktop punch on the market with this innovative edge detection technology. Operator confidence is instilled and efficiency levels improve which, in turn, increases production throughput.
With the new Magnapunch 2.0, smart set-up technology permits the operator to realize faster set-ups and change-over for custom and/or uncommon size applications that in the past were imprecise, manual set-ups.

 Now, the operator simply enters the paper size into the LCD screen, in inches or centimeters, and the machine automatically provides the proper left edge guide placement and pin configuration. The full color LCD and electronic interface includes pattern and paper size specific set-up instructions and monitors operating conditions throughout the punch process.
 This leading technology takes a lot of the guess-work out of each production job and reduces operator error tremendously, increasing productivity, efficiency, and job profitability.
Keeping pace with today’s print engines, the Magnapunch 2.0 builds on its best-selling GBC desktop punches, to bring increased punch capacity, easy operation, and more intuitive user interface. With a half-second punch cycle and continuous-duty motor, punching up to 49,000 sheets per hour, the Magnapunch 2.0 is ideal for high volume punch production. Multiple punch patterns are available to punch sheets with 13 different hole patterns.
Interchangeable die sets slide in place quickly and securely without the need for tools. The punch is easily operated with the use of a foot pedal or tabletop trigger switch. And sheet size capabilities up to 14” are available for most punch patterns.