New home for Ryobi 524HXX at Menu Print

  Menu Print Ltd. Based in Rathcoole, County Dublin, have recently taken delivery of a pre- owned Ryobi 524 HXX , and have seen an immediate benefit in make ready and production times.

Ken Purcell, Managing Director  Of MPL is delighted with how quickly the company are seeing a return on their investment.

 “Make readies are down to less than 10 minutes with the new press, compared to around half an hour with our existing equipment, and we have saleable copy within 40 sheets, instead of 150 plus. 
The automatic plate loading and slewing system has also resulted in a dramatic reduction in plate wastage, and we have found that the HXX really fits well with our DPX  polyester CtP unit.”
After seriously considering investing in a brand new press, the decision to plump for a pre owned machine was made easier for MPL by trusting the sourcing to Blanchardstown based equipment supplier Z TECH, with whom MPL have a long standing relationship.
“Obviously the economic climate had a beating on our decision to go with a used press” says Ken “but we knew we were reducing the risk by working with a trusted partner to source, move and install the press”
With a plentiful supply of  equipment available on the European market, it may be well worth considering pre owned as a viable option, however, employing the right people to guide you through the process may well be as important as the equipment itself.