Xeretec adds the silver lining to Cloud 9 with Xerox DC700 install

A passion for print and customer satisfaction, together with 20 years print industry experience,were key drivers in Dublin based Cloud 9 Graphic solutions investmentin a Xerox DC700 from Xeretec .

Founded in November 2011 by Peter Caroll, Cloud 9 has added a number of blue chip accounts to its core customer base of hotel, leisure industry and smaller local businesses by offering a full range of print services, including digital sheet fed and wide format solutions.

Initially the company installed a Xerox DC250 which Peter describes as “excellent”. However, stock limitations meant that the company had to outsource certain jobs. For Peter, this didn’t always provide him with the reassurance he needed to be able to say ‘yes!’ to print job requests that came in at very short notice.  He explains:
 “The hotel and leisure industries we specialise in have rapid turn-around times, which companies we outsource to can’t always respond to quickly enough. This is a problem for us because we believe that by delivering a reliable, consistent, ‘can do’ service, we will retain those customers long term. We need to be able to go the extra mile for them every time they ask. If someone needs 15,000 or 20,000 postcards in one afternoon we need to be able to fulfil that request.”

Xerox - living up to expectations
Recognising that this task had to be pulled in-house to ensure both image quality and adherence to deadlines, Peter considered investing in an additional digital printer with greater print stock capabilities. He said:
 “I looked at all the digital machines available, but they didn’t really live up to expectations, nor the print claims their manufacturers were making for them. The Xerox DC700 Digital Colour Printer, however, seemed an ideal solution for digital production printing and it was on a different level altogether. Its capabilities across different colour gamuts and its overall image and build quality were just superb. Most impressive of all, is that it is absolutely consistent with colour. From the first print to the last, the colour consistency remains. Consistency is everything for Cloud 9” said Peter: ”we must have continuity between our short format print and our wide format graphic arts department. This is vital for the global brands we service; corporate identity, branding and colours need to be identical worldwide”

Performance, reliability and cost savings
Satisfied that the DC700 was the right device for them from an image quality perspective, Cloud 9 had one other demanding criteria – reliability. “For us to offer services in-house, we had to be 100% sure this machine was going to be reliable and worthy of our investment.
We needed a guarantee that this machine would always be running. If not, that it could be fixed on the same day or at least by 9am the next day at the latest.” Previous positive experiences with Xeretec meant that Peter was keen for the machine to be purchased and supported by the company, knowing that if anything did go wrong
Xeretec has the skills and resources to promptly diagnose and fix the problem without incident.
With the device installed and configured by Xeretec, it was put into heavy duty service immediately in order to print 25,000 postcards. It was a challenge that the DC700 excelled at. “There was not one problem with that job. Not one paper jam and the machine ran like a dream,”
Peter stated.

This successful early performance proved to be far from a one off. With the machine now having amassed an impressive 1m colour clicks, Peter is certain he’s got the reliability and durability he was looking for. He said: “Because this machine is so reliable, I can be confident that jobs will get done and that customers will come back. Therefore, it is now easier for us to make long-term cash-flow forecasts which help us with billing and ensure a consistent cash-flow, which is vital for a small business to survive and grow.”

Given the DC700’s extra media flexibility over the DC250, the DC250 is now mainly used for black and white work, while the DC700 takes on the jobs that used to be outsourced. As a result, “Our outsourcing bills have hit the floor” said Peter.

New printer, new revenue streams
In addition to saving the company money, the DC700 has also opened up additional revenue streams, helping the business to grow further by offering extra services like point of sale items. It has also enabled the company to reposition itself as a complete marketing solutions provider, as Peter explains. “Where we used to print 40,000 generic mailers for a client, with personalised print, we can now work with the client and break down the demographic of who they want to target, and where. Now, we’ll print 10,000 personalised mailers for well-qualified prospects. Not only does this cost the client less, but because it is personalised, it actually achieves a better success rate than a bigger, broader mailing. Because its works, they come back to us and do it again.”

The DC700 has shown its worth on other jobs, too. “The fiery RIP is so much better on the DC700. It makes booklet creation really effective and efficient and we don’t have to worry about collation. The printer just gets on with it, so we can attend to other things like spending more time with our customers and understanding their needs.”
A bright future with Xeretec

Endearing the DC700 to him further, has been Xeretec’s support engineers. “When they are here, they always give me little snippets of technical information to keep the DC700 running in tip–top condition. Along with the routine servicing, it’s this kind of useful feedback that keep the machine running so effectively. The team at Xeretec is superb and their service, combined with the DC700’s performance, makes an unbeatable combination,” Peter said. He is undeniably – and rightly – impressed by the Xerox DC700 and Xeretec, as he confirms by concluding, “They are both a massive part of our present and our future growth, as we blossom into a total marketing solutions service.”