CtP Upgrade Improves Quality for Mayo Trade Printer

Joyce Print, the Foxford based trade docket book printer, didn’t need to look far when deciding to upgrade their polyester inkjet Ctp system.

Having used the Epson based Polijet system for over 8 years, Joyce Print MD, Michael Joyce, once again turned to Dublin Supplier Walter Nash to assess upgrade options.

“The original Epson 4880, which is the engine of the system, was coming to the end of its useful life, so we had to look at other options” commented Michael Joyce

Walter Nash proposed the Epson SPC 5000 17” printer, which is the latest version, together with the FilmMaker RIP from Cadlink Technology.

“In all the time we were using it and making plates on a daily basis, we had never needed a service call on the original system, so the decision was quite easy really."

"The bulk of our work is trade docket books and the output from the new system is noticeably sharper on line, text and tones."

The Polijet Plates are chemical free and use original Epson inks for imaging, giving us run lengths of up to 10,000 copies, so it’s a very cost effective and efficient system,” Michael concluded.

Joyce Print was founded by Michael Joyce in Foxford, Co. Mayo in 1996 Catering for local customers with a range of digital and offset production and is a recognised trade supplier of docket books to printing companies throughout the 32 counties.